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Environments   Foss Website

World Biomes   Kids Do Ecology

Biomes of the World  What's it like where you live?

The World's Biomes  USMP

World Biomes  Blue Planet Biomes

World Biomes  Explore Five of the World's Main Biomes


Biome Map


Introduction to Biomes




NASA Interactive Activities

Food ChainsEco Kids - Food Chains





AccuWeather - Find weather for any place in the United States


Climate Kids - Games, activities and resources


Current Grand Rapids Weather - Current conditions at the airport


Dan's Wild Weather Page - There are lots of links on forecasting and types of weather at this site.


Earth's Weather - Learn more about the factors that determine the earth's weather as well as some of the more serious weather conditions.


Enchanted Learning - Weather


Marquette - Weather forecast in Marquette, MI


National Geographic Weather - Take this weather wizard quiz.


Teacher Resources and Activities


Weather Encyclopedia - Look up weather topics in this weather encyclopedia.


Weather for Kids - A variety of links can be found here ranging from weather proverbs to experiments to becoming a meteorologist.





Solar System


National Geographic


Kids Astronomy


Weight on Planets





National Geographic  Animals for Kids


National Geographic   Animals


BBC Nature Wildlife 


Animal Webcams


Animal Photos











Chemical Elements


Chemistry - Hydrogen


Kid's Energy




Acids and Bases


Virtual Kitchen Chemistry








More Science Websites:

          **In school today just do the online games.  You may print the paper and pencil games at home. 







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