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Washington DC - Third Grade

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Welcome to the Rockford Christian School - 3rd Grade Washington DC Resources


The Wonders of Washington D.C.



In this Wiki you will find information about the Social Studies project your 3rd graders are doing as they learn about "The Wonders of Washington D.C." Our students use a research process called the Super Three - PLAN, DO and REVIEW. Most of the work take place in the "DO" phase of the project. Your child has a booklet in which to take notes. Your child will be researching three Washington, D.C. landmarks. For each landmark he/she will create a scrapbook page. Each scrapbook page will include a photograph of the landmark and an illustration. Each of these pictures will include informational captions. There will be other information about the landmark as well as some "fun facts" on each page. At the conclusion of the project your child will share what he/she has learned with the class. In the final step of REVIEW the student looks back and evaluates the research process and the product that was created. This will be done individually with the teachers.



Research Resources

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